For an effective mailing experience, you are suggested to use the AOL Mail platform. It helps you to flourish your mailing experience as it is designed with excellent features and easy-to-use interface. For getting your hands on all the features offered by AOL, you have to visit the “” webpage. It is the web address for the AOL account sign-in window.

What are the Perks of Using the AOL Mail Account?

  • Advanced mailing platform free of cost.
  • Can also be used on a smartphone for easy accessibility
  • You can create several usernames using one AOL account
  • Get unlimited storage
  • You can block unwanted emails as per your preference
  • AOL offers you to create an online book, save events, organize mails, and more
  • You can customize the mailing platform

How to Create and Sign Into AOL Mail via

How to Create and Sign Into AOL Mail via Mail Aol com

AOL Mail account allows you to perform several functions. For this, you first have to perform the below-mentioned procedures in the stated sequence. Start by creating an account and then sign into it. 

Account Creation:

    1. The process of account creation starts with the launch of a web browser. 
    2. Then, locate the web address field and enter “” into it. 
    3. Doing so, the AOL Mail Login window will turn up on your screen. 
    4. From the bottom left-hand side of the screen, click the “Create an Account” tab.
    5. You will now get the AOL Mail account creation form that you need to fill in for successful account registration. 
    6. The following are the details that you need to invade in the provided fields.
      • First and Last name
      • A Username that will work as an email address for your account
      • Password for securing your AOL account
      • A valid Mobile Number for better account security
      • Birthdate
      • Gender
    7. The next step is to examine the AOL terms and conditions. The link for the same is provided just below the account creation fields.
    8. Before you conclude the process, review the details you have entered and make sure each detail entered by you is correct as per your knowledge. 
    9. Finally, hit “Continue” and your account gets successfully registered. 


AOL Mail Sign-in:

After you are done with the creation of your account, you can use it to enjoy a notable mailing experience. You can sign in to your AOL account every time you need it. For signing in, you have to navigate to the “” window and enter your AOL username and password on- by-one. Then, click the “Sign In”. This will successfully redirect to your account.

Functions You Can Execute Using Your AOL Mail Account

Aol Mail Account

AOL Mail is a web-based emailing platform that is provided with best-in-class features for enhancing your communication experience. With the help of its user-friendly interface, you can easily connect with your loved ones around the globe. For making the best use of this platform, you need to sign-in to your account. After accessing your account, you can perform several functions. To know more about the working of the AOL mail and options available to you, you must look at the information given below.

Once you reach your AOL Mail Account, you will get several options. These options are:

  • Mail creation link: You will get a “Compose” tab on the top-left corner. Click the link and you will get a dialog box for creating a mail. Then, enter the email address of the sender and write the mail or add attachments.  
  • Daily News: The next option that you will get is “Today on AOL”. Clicking this option will show you the latest news from different corners of the world. 
  • Inbox: You will get the option to access your mail inbox. When you tap on the “Inbox” option, the list of all the read and unread emails will come into view. 
  • Drafts, Sent, Spam: These are the next three options that you will get. Drafts will save the emails that you have composed and leave them unsend. Sent will have all the emails that you have forwarded to various other email addresses and Spam will have all those mails that are received by you but are not valid as per AOL.
  • Trash: It will save all the emails that you have removed from the inbox. This will help you to retrieve the mails in the future.
  • Contacts: Here all the contacts that you have added to your account will appear.
  • Calendar: AOL offers the users the Calendar to save the events and other important details.
  • Folders: You can create folders in your account for organizing your emails, data, and more.
  • Settings Options: For enjoying a personalized experience, you can make the changes in settings. On the upper-right corner, you will find “Options” beneath your account username. Clicking it will show you the list with various settings options.