What is AOL Mail?

AOL Mail is the world-class email service provider developed by AOL, a version communications company. With the support of AOL’s email services, you can create an online address book inside the AOL account for your contacts. The AOL Mail facilitates easy correspondence through the provision of a smooth email exchange platform. The best part of using these email services is that it provides users with a user-friendly interface that allows real-time interactions more productive through AIM chat and conversation integration. Using the AOL mail you can upload several attachments with a single email which enhances the experience of the users and make their work much easier. Users don’t need to worry while operating this email service as it provides a safe and secure platform to its users to perform the task without any risk involved. Above all of this, it also provides you with unmatched, robust security features which makes it the best among any other email service provider.

Key Features Of AOL Mail-

AOL Mail is an instant messaging service and mailing platform that is used in many big organizations for enhanced mail exchange. Moreover, it is easy to use for personal use also. AOL Mail provides an easy to use interface that includes plenty of top-notch and Avant grade features of security. 

    • Users can operate the AOL email services not only on your computing device but also on your mobile phones. 
    • To get Identity Theft Protection against your details it is the best email service that you can make use of. 
    • You can also utilize different AOL tools to create your mail and send it to AOL Mail which adds extra effectiveness. 
    • With the help of AOL, one can add an automatic response to each email you receive so that is the main benefit of accessing it. 
    • For easily managing the AOL Mail inbox users can prepare the custom folders and move emails so that they can manage wisely in the future. 
    • Apart from these, it also provides you with an unlimited inbox storage facility. Thus, you don’t have to delete the emails and don’t occupy much storage space.

What are the advantages of having an AOL Account?

What are the advantages of having an AOL Account

AOL Mail Login Account is necessary to utilize all the services and tools offered by AOL. Also, you can make use of its enhanced and extraordinary features that users require while accessing the email services to safeguard your confidential information. also, you can manage all the emails that you have to send or received using the one single user account. 

Users can take advantage of the events and calendars feature which is integrated with the AOL account. Along with this, it allows you to prepare your event and calendar to plan your outstanding events. Just after creating your AOL account, you can change the settings of your inbox as per your suitability including styles and themes. 

Despite all of this, you can also prepare and manage folders to organize your mail in a better way. The emails from your AOL mail can be conveniently synchronized with your mobile’s AOL application and allows you to connect flexibly when on the move.

Minimum system requirements for AOL Mail -

Aol System Requirements

System specifications play a critical role in ensuring the AOL Mail services running smoothly on your favourite computer. Just in case you are unable to meet the minimum device specifications, this can also cause installation or performance problems. So, it is mandatory to check that your system is compatible with your preferred operating system. AOL email services are designed to run seamlessly on Windows, Mac, Android and iOs devices. The Windows desktop computers must have the operating system Windows 7 or the newly launched version of the operating system.
Along with this, it also works on the operating system Windows XP. To operate this email services on your Window-based computers. Your system must have the latest and up to date version of operating systems. You may have some of the web browsers such as Microsoft Edge, Firefox, and Google Chrome.
The operating system that is compatible with the Mac-based computers is Mac OS X or the latest version of the operating system. To run this email services on your Mac computers, you must have installed the newest version of the Apple Safari, Google Chrome, and Mozilla Firefox. Despite this, it also works on mobile devices. Your Andriod mobile phones must have the operating system Andriod 4.4 or the latest version launched. Whereas, the iOs devices must have the iOs 9.3 or the newest version installed in their devices.

Create and manage an AOL Mail account -

AOL Mail Account

To set up your AOL Mail account for the first time you must have to go through the straightforward process given below. 

    • In the beginning, use the latest version of the web explorer and go to
    • Consequently, you will see the necessary webpage on your computing device. On this page, tap on the Create Account tab.
    • This will lead you to the AOL Sign Up window where you have to fill in all the mandatory details to establish your AOL Mail account. To do so, start the signup process by typing your complete name in the respective fields. 
    • Provide a valid email address without providing space into the assigned field that you want to utilize for this account. Moving further, you have to set up a long password that must be more than 8 characters. For strong security, you must generate a password using the combinations of symbols and both uppercase and lowercase letters. Along with this, you also have to mention the date of birth, mobile number, and the gender name in their allotted fields. 
    • After that, click on the Continue tab. 
    • Following that, you will be taken to the Verification Code window. Here, you have to click Text me a verification code. 
    • Just after this, you will get a verification code on your mobile number prescribed above and copy the same on the verification code webpage and tap Verify. 
    • Finally, open your registered mail ID and click Continue to verify your email address. Hence, this completes the AOL sign up process. 


Once you have successfully established your AOL account, you can efficiently utilize all the features and services of the AOL email services with ease. You can also manage your account to create folders and change the settings of your AOL inbox as per your convenience.z

A quick way to recover your AOL email account-

If you have forgotten the AOL username while signing in to your account, you can easily recover it just by following some easy guidelines. 

    • In the initial stage, launch your favorite web browser and type in 
    • Following that, on the desired webpage of AOL, simply click on Forgot Username? Link. 
    • As a result, it will take you to the recovery email address window. Here, you have prompted to input the mobile number or the email address that you have access to. In short, enter any of this information correctly in the allotted fields.
    • Thereafter, tap on the Continue tab.
    • It will lead you to the Verification Code window. On the same page, you have to press the Yes, send me a verification link. Instantly, you will get a verification code on the mobile number that you have mentioned earlier. 
    • Thereafter, input the 8 digits verification code as it is in the verification screen carefully and select the Verify tab. 
    • Soon after this, you have to select the account with which you want to continue to login to the AOL Account
    • Hence, this completes the recovery of your AOL email account process.

How to Reset my AOL Password?-

Reset AOL Password
    • Access the safe and secure web browser and visit the sign-in webpage. 
    • The AOL sign-in window comes into view. Here, you have to insert the username. If you have used the 10 digits mobile number to register your AOL account enter the same into the corresponding field and click Next.
    • From the upcoming page, select the Forgot Username link from the bottom of the page.
    • Furthermore, click on Yes, send me a verification code tab. Check the text message receive on your contact number and input the same code cautiously and click Verify. 
    • Later on, you will be presented with the AOL Password Reset Window. Construct a new password that should be easy to recall and difficult to guess for the hackers or any other person. Re-type the exact password without any changes in the assigned slots and select the Continue tab. 
    • Soon after this, you will be redirected to the Password Updated window. With this, the AOL Password reset process completely and now you can use the newly generated password to sign in to AOL Mail account without any risk.

Use POP or IMAP to sync AOL Mail on a third party app or download your email -

AOL Mail

You can use two protocols i.e POP or IMAP  to synchronize AOL Webmail with third-party applications such as Outlook, Gmail, Window Live Mail, etc. 

POP is a protocol that allows you to download and copy your emails from the AOL Mail account i.e to the third party email application. Despite of this, POP only copy or downloads the emails from the inbox folder of your AOL Mail rather than any other folder. So, in this scenario, if you want to download or copy all the emails, you are required to move these emails from the existing folders to the Inbox folder. 

Whereas the IMAP protocol is used to synchronize the AOL application and your account to store the same information in both places. In short, any changes you made in the AOL mail account will automatically change in the AOL application and vice-versa. To make the changes in your email account to synchronize the AOL Mail with third-party applications you need to update the IMAP or POP3 Settings of the AOL account. You also have to set the Port settings of the POP3 as 993 SSL and SMTP as 465 SSL. 

Before entering to your Account Info page, ensure that you are using the complete email address including Along with this, you need to enable incoming and outgoing mail settings. For this, you have to set the POP3 incoming mail server as and outgoing mail server as On the other hand, IMAP incoming mail server as and the outgoing mail server settings as Just after using these protocols you can easily set up or synchronize your AOL mail or third party applications. You also need to set the Port Settings of IMAP as 993 SSL and 465 SSL of SMTP.

Add two-step verification for extra security-

AOL Mail

If you want to login to your AOL account from the unrecognized devices or browsers you must require a code irrespective of the password. You will receive that security code once you enabled the two-step verification in order to get extra security to your AOL account. Thereby, this security code will safeguard the confidential information from going into the wrong hands. In order to enable the two-step verification, you have to simply follow the underneath process closely. 

    • Begin the process, by turning on your computer or laptop and then launch any web browser. 
    • Thereafter, locate the sign-in page of AOL, by making use of the web URL Press the Enter key from your keyboard simple after entering the web address. 
    • Thereafter, type in the running email address without using any space into the field and click Next.
    •  At the same time, enter the current password linked with this account and click Next. 
    • As a result, it will lead you to the AOL Account Security window. On the same page, tap on the toggle button next to the Two-Step Verification to turn it on. 
    • You will instantly get a pop-up box, where you have to input you’re currently using a 10 digit contact number. Just after this, either tap on Send SMS if you wish to receive the code on message. Otherwise, opt for Call me tab to acquire the security code.
    • In the interim, you will receive a security code, input the same in the verification window correctly. Press the Verify tab.
    • Hence, this successfully completes the entire process. But if you want to use the AOL Mail in third party applications simply either opt for Create App Passwords. Otherwise, click Skip For Now.

Download and install the AOL app on Andriod -

AOL Download

You can also access the AOL email service by downloading and installing the AOL application on your preferred mobile device. To do so, in the very first place you have to open the Play Store if you are using the Andriod mobile phone. The iOs users are supposed to launch the Apple store on their devices. Afterwards, navigate for the search bar and simple input AOL App. It will present the extended list of options right in front of you, click on the AOL application. And then firstly tap on the Install or Get Started tab as per the option available on your mobile. You have to wait patiently as the installation may occupy some time depending upon your internet network connection.

It is recommended that you must not install any other application until you are done with the installation of the AOL application. As it may slow down the speed of downloading the application and might hamper the installation process. Once the installation gets completed, select the Open tab. In the end, you are supposed to create an AOL account and then enjoy features such as email services, news feed facility, and so on just by utilizing the AOL application. 


Hence, it is proved that the AOL email service is among the top leading service than any other in the market. Just with the help of one user account, you can easily make changes or without worrying about the storage space you can store an infinite number of mails. You can easily download and install this email service on your device just by fulfilling minimum system requirements. 

You can also manage your AOL Mail account to create folders, keep your information secure without being traced by unauthorized users. It provides you a safe and secure platform to use this application to send and receive emails for your official purpose. Moreover, you can also use POP or IMAP protocols to synchronize your AOL account with any other third-party applications. The best part is that you can access this email service from anywhere and anytime just by having access of the internet.